Social Security Works -Washington is a statewide coalition determined to preserve and expand Social Security in the face of the most serious threats to its integrity in the 80 years since it was signed into law.

Initiated by the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action and the Economic Opportunity Institute, the Coalition is made up of over 40 labor, community, women’s and retiree groups. The coalition is reaching out to the many varied organizations that recognize the unique role of Social Security in preventing poverty and in uniting our people across the generations.

The Coalition was organized in response to the numerous attacks on Social Security that have occurred over the past several decades including the effort to privatize the program, extend the retirement age and cut benefits.

The Coalition will carry our campaign to every Congressional candidate, incumbent or aspirant across the state, asking each to pledge to defend the full range of Social Security benefits, to support eliminating the income cap in order to improve benefits, and to oppose all efforts to raid the Social Security Trust Fund for deficit reduction.

A broad national coalition, the “Strengthen Social Security Campaign,” is also in formation. Its founding Steering Committee members represent the AFL-CIO, the Alliance for Retired Americans, the Campaign for America’s Future, the Economic Policy Institute, the National Council of Women’s Organizations and Voices for America’s Children, among many other groups.

As its name indicates, the national group intends to take the offensive to make Social Security even better in the protections it affords retirees, persons with disabilities, and survivors. The Washington State coalition has the same approach.