Why Social Security is important to children

From the Alliance for Retired Americans:

Spotlight: Children and Social Security

Social Security provides vital life and disability insurance protection for millions of citizens, especially children and their families. About 6 million children under age 18, or nearly 9% of all children in the United States, benefit from Social Security as dependents of workers who have died or become disabled or as family members in households where an adult relies on Social Security.

Of the 6 million children in families that received Social Security, 1.1 million were lifted out of poverty by Social Security income. Children may receive Social Security benefits until they reach age 18, and if a full-time student, until they reach age 19. Disabled children may receive benefits indefinitely as long as the disability was incurred before reaching age 22.

For 75 years, Social Security has operated as a family insurance program that serves Americans of all ages. In addition to being a retirement program, Social Security provides a safety net for more than 53 million Americans, including retirees, the disabled, children and families.

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