Happy Birthday Social Security!

social security card imageThis Sunday (8/14/11) will mark 76 years in which Americans have been working hard and contributing to Social Security with every paycheck — and we all benefit as a result. Social Security represents the best of American values, rewarding hard work, honoring our parents, and providing help for those unable to care for themselves.

But Social Security is under near constant attack from Republicans in Congress — and Republicans campaigning to be President — who think millionaire tax breaks are more important. In fact, every Republican member of the new deficit ‘super committee‘ has signed an irresponsible pledge saying they support a so-called “Balanced Budget Amendment” – and will not raise taxes under any circumstances – factors that contributed to our country’s credit downgrade.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. For years, Washington Republicans have tried to cut, weaken, or eliminate Social Security. This year alone, they’ve pushed for raising the Social Security age and cutting benefits; unveiled a plan to cut over $6 trillion from Social Security, and voted for a budget that cuts nearly $2 billion from the workers who keep Social Security running.

Republicans just don’t seem to get it – Social Security doesn’t contribute a dime to the deficit. Taking away benefits earned by seniors will pull money out of our economy – and further prolong the recession.

Instead, we easily protect Social Security for the next 100 years – and expand benefits to those who need them most – by ‘scrapping the cap‘. This simple solution would ensure all Americans contribute their fair share to Social Security, and preserve the program for future generations.

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