One out of 10 Social Security offices has closed since 2000. Seniors and politicians want to know why.

arlington rally for social security office 2
When community offices close, residents lose direct access to the benefits they’ve earned. AFGE joined activists from Social Security Works, Alliance for Retired Americans, and the Northern Virginia Labor Council to rally against the proposed closure of the only Social Security Administration office in Arlington, VA. Photo: American Federation of Government Employees via Flickr Creative Commons,

The Social Security Administration plans to close its Arlington field office and one of its Baltimore locations in June, part of a series of shutdowns across the country that activists and political leaders say is causing major difficulties for the elderly, people with disabilities and other beneficiaries.

The agency has closed about 125 of its approximately 1,250 offices since 2000 — a 10 percent reduction, part of what officials describe as a shift to greater use of online services in an era of budget constraints and a growing population of senior citizens.

In addition, all 533 Social Security Administration “contact sites” — locations that serve remote, rural populations on a weekly or monthly basis — have closed, said leaders of the union that represents Social Security employees.

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