The Kochs helped fund an attack on ‘Medicare for All.’ It still concluded the plan would save us trillions

Even the Koch-funded study designed to undercut Medicare for All (M4A) estimates it would *save more than $2 trillion* by 2031. I believe that figure will be much higher. Either way, it’s clear: Americans can’t afford not to have Medicare for All.

M4A’s opponents routinely use large, intimidating numbers to make it appear unaffordable. These figures must be counterbalanced by the even larger costs of doing nothing.

The human toll is the greatest cost of all. Matt Bruenig of the Public Policy Project estimates that if M4A is not passed, 320,000 people will die over a 10-year period. We cannot let that happen. Nor can we forget the millions of people who needlessly struggle with illness and disability because they lack adequate care.

We can have more, and better, healthcare if we stop settling for less.

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