Americans take a dim view of raiding their Social Security to cover pandemic expenses, poll finds

Via | Americans could use a financial boost. How to get that money into people’s hands has been a hot topic of debate.

Democrats have proposed expanding unemployment insurance and giving Americans as much as $2,000 per month to get back on their feet.

Meanwhile, one Republican proposal has called for giving Americans $11,000 now in exchange for every year they agree to delay their Social Security benefits and Medicare coverage.

Now, a poll conducted by Data For Progress and Social Security Works, an advocacy organization, asked Americans which of those two options they would pick. They also asked if people think the government has already done enough.

Most respondents, 55%, said they want expanded unemployment insurance along with $2,000 per month in income. Meanwhile, 25% said they think the government has already done enough.

Just 20% said they would pick $11,000 in income for every year they delay Social Security and Medicare.

The poll included 1,324 likely voters and was conducted between May 11 and May 14.

Most respondents supported expanded unemployment and $2,000 checks per month when broken down by gender and age and education level. The weakest support for the idea came from Republicans, with 44%, compared to Democrats, at 67%, and Independents, 50%.

The results come as Congress is poised to consider whether to deploy more coronavirus stimulus funding to boost the American economy.

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