Is Social Security safe from the courts?

Nancy Altman, President, Social Security Works

[Nancy Altman | The Hill] Much has been written about the threat Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, poses to the right of women to control our own bodies. It is obvious that the rush to confirm her in time to hear the Republican effort to strike down the Affordable Care Act poses a threat to everyone with preexisting conditions.

But is she also a threat to our Social Security? Acclaimed, nationally-recognized Constitutional law scholar, Harvard Law School Professor Laurence H. Tribe says yes, warning:

“Don’t underestimate how much a Court remade in Trump’s image could dismantle. Even Social Security could be on the chopping block.”

Similarly sounding the alarm is University of Florida chaired law professor and Harvard-trained Ph.D. economist Professor Neil H. Buchanan, who has written:

“[O]ne of the most consequential results of Republicans’ theft of a Supreme Court seat could be to seriously undermine — or even declare unconstitutional — one or more of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

Coming from such knowledgeable sources, those are warnings all of us should take seriously.

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