Thalia: Why Social Security Is Important To Me


Why is Social Security important to you?

Social Security enabled my parents to live modestly into their 90’s without having to call upon me and my brother to supplement their income. It enabled my grandmother, who was widowed at a young age and who paid into Social Security only from its inception to her retirement in 1960 to remain independent.

What will it mean to you, personally, if Social Security is cut or changed in any way that could reduce benefits in the future?

I have been self-employed for 95% of my working life. I have no pension and rely entirely on my Social Security and my savings. With these, I am able to live modestly without having to receive financial help from my children. If benefits were cut or changed in any way I would not be able to remain in my home, care for my partner or live modestly without asking my children for financial support. In addition, cutting or downgrading Social Security would be a betrayal of the millions who have been paying into Social Security as insurance against poverty in their old age.

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